RIMC is situated in the beautiful valley with fresh air to breathe in and a calm environment all in all. It goes by Rashtriya Indian Military College where boys and girls of a certain age are enrolled who wish to work with the Indian military services. They are trained there with a flexible yet disciplined schedule to match the service level. The schedule includes every kind of disciplinary as well as mind sharpening activities to exercise both the body and the minds. This course is regulated by the ministry of defence. Services including every defence category comes under the umbrella of RIMC, also they allow admission from the middle classes so you can get your child onboard just from the right age. This course is inclusive of every mandatory skill and practice which is needed to excel in the service school. Our staff is well refined to carry


As heard well before, All India Sainik School is an institution specially designed to train the students or people in general who are interested and wish to see themselves in the shoes of army, military and other such defence services. Our regular schools are neither certified nor well equipped to teach students the most proper defence techniques and give training in general. Whereas Sainik schools are well equipped with the infrastructure and well trained staff to teach your child basic to advance of defence. The teaching tactics of the Sainik schools are different, for instance there are frequent trainings along with mock examinations to prepare the students for their big day. Sainik school entrance exam pan India is governed by the Sainik school society under the supervision of the Defence ministry. All Sainik schools are English medium and CBSE affiliated. Do not just choose a school for your child to grow and upscale, rather choose a school which will help your child to grow and upscale in the most refined manner. We not only focus on the studies and examinations whereas we teach and inculcate such values which will only develop the mindset of our societies as whole. Choose the best Sainik school for your child.


Sainik schools are up and working in nearly every corner of our country working with their heart and soul to develop a quality future for their children step by step. Similarly we have some really good and refined Sainik schools in UP. We are one of the most refined schools in UP that help achieve their student's dream of getting placed at one of the defence positions. Our lesson plans are carefully created to reach our goal of helping students to overcome the obstacles which require constant strength which will help them leave no stone unturned. We prepare aspirants with utmost seriousness and a high-quality curriculum in order to secure a place of their will. From exercises to bookish knowledge we got them all covered. UP Sainik schools are affiliated by CBSE which comes naturally with a good curriculum which is disciplined and well structured. Sainik school over UP has well qualified teaching staff, warm non teaching staff, well equipped campus to support every student's need and an inclusive environment for collective progress and growth. On the top of it, our faculty scores the best in preparing students for the Sainik exam along with channeling them in a disciplined manner. We teach basic discipline and personality refinement tactics which prepare our students perfectly for the upcoming obstacles.