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Looking for a Sainik coaching school to train your child properly for defence techniques? Say no more, there are no-1 Defence academies in Lucknow in which you can get your child enrolled and fulfil their dreams of serving their nation. Now you may ask how our schools are different from regular schools? Our public schools lack the necessary credentials and resources to instruct pupils in the best self-defense methods and provide broad training. As opposed to Sainik schools, which have the infrastructure and staff needed to teach your child everything from the fundamentals of defence to more advanced techniques, Different teaching strategies are used at Sainik schools, such as regular training sessions and practice exams to get students ready for test day. Under the direction of the Defense Ministry, the Sainik School Society oversees the entrance examination for all Sainik schools in India.

All Sainik schools are English-medium and affiliated with the CBSE. Choose the best NDA coaching in Lucknow that will help your youngster grow and upscale in the most sophisticated way possible rather than just one that will allow them to do so. We don't just concentrate on studying and passing exams; we also teach and instill moral principles that will improve society as a whole. For your child, pick the best Sainik school.

Every admission in and around our society comes with a price, should you know that this price is not monetary rather its intelligence based. To crack the puzzling entrance exam of Sainik school, we at our centers train students mindfully to crack the examination. In a nutshell Sainik school entrance exam coaching in Lucknow is one of the best in the state. Our esteemed academy delivers the ideal training sessions for NDA coaching in Lucknow, best SSB coaching in Lucknow,defence coaching in Lucknow, and the list seems to be never ending.

We prepare our children with prompt and quick actions along with a sharp sight. These defence training lays their base in sharp sight and wittiness, and so we believe to teach our students on that. Our aim is to prepare our children for NDA coachings in Lucknow, defence coaching and cover every arena of service a candidate must inculcate in themselves. We aim to politely raise our students with qualities like promptness, discipline and respect for the society. Our staff is well trained and has an upper hand in handling the complexities of this service based institution as well as teach students new some day and give them a reason to look back at their institution. Sainik schools over Lucknow are located in prime locations with green belted areas and easy accessibility along with easy and reachable basic household and personal amenities. To conclude our institute counts the best in Lucknow, and we aim to graduate shining stars from the Best NDA and Defence coaching in Lucknow. With the help of edgy infrastructure, we are categorised inclusive in nature. Lastly, we prepare our students all in all for the exam leaving no stone unturned.


It is a helping platform for the students who wish to secure admission to All India Sainik school, Military school, Indian military college and Navodaya school.

The concept of Sainik Schools was coined by Mr V.K. Krishna Menon who was the defence minister of India in 1961. These schools are spread across the country in multiple states and interestingly there is a boosted demand from other states in India to open Sainik schools in their abode. There are in total 33 Sainik schools in the country and many more are yet to be developed. The primary objectives of this school are to offer quality education to the public, personality development of the child keeping in mind the competitiveness of the National Defence Academy, to construct an inclusive environment irrespective of the regional grounds, to make an egalitarian society for everyone no matter the caste and race and lastly to create an improvised India with a proud army.

Before the establishment of Sainik Schools, there were five Rashtriya Military Schools and one Rashtriya Indian Military College which had the same beliefs and foundations as Sainik Schools. All these institutions put in their heart and soul to train their cadets for admission to the coveted National Defence Academy.

Sainik school entrance exam pan India is governed by the Sainik school society under the supervision of the Defence ministry. All Sainik schools are English medium and CBSE affiliated.